Monday blues….yellows.. purples… and lots of reds…..

Yesterday… I understood what Monday blues truly meant…. I woke up feeling awful… had got these awful rashes all over… which I assumed were due to this new insect we were observing around the house.. And the weather being all rainy and moist… we (me and my roomie) were ok with it. The only problem with these rashes was that they itched like crazy and we scratched them with all our might… as if the survival of mankind depended on it. Went to office and the doc there gave me two painful shots on my arms… an avil and a tetnus… the tetnus hurt like hell… the avil induced a drowsy feeling… so I kinda sat I the office with this silly grin on my face.. And it took a real effort to speak… because I felt my tongue was kind swelling up… hehehe…and when i spoken to.. it took a god five minutes before it registered with my brain that someone was trying to converse with me…

Anyways I somehow made it back home… ( my colleagues kept on calling me every five minute to ensure I didn’t snooze off and miss my stop), and fell down on the bed.. woke up after about two hours later only to discover that the itching hadn’t ceased… in fact had increased… and that my right arm was so much in pain that I couldn’t even move it…. I immediately contacted my friend who’s a doctor… and he came around to diagnose it… and well… it was chicken pox…

After the initial round of crying… during which my doc first claimed I looked damn cute and then threatened to kick me… I was quite subdued… miserable actually… but somehow… my roomie having it too… helped…heheheh well then came the shockers when I spoke to mom and everybody else… got so many instructions to follow… hmmm… so here I am stuck in my house for at least a fortnight now.. which is not at all funny….

Well that’s about it… just hoping I get well soon… I’m seriously having a terrible year… just hoping i can get better soon.. atleast in time to enjoy my b’day to which i was really looking forward to.. 😦 hmm So much for my “one random post a day” resolution… well chicken pox news does make it random… !!!


3 thoughts on “Monday blues….yellows.. purples… and lots of reds…..

  1. Aurindam says:

    Ya…sure!!just get back once.


  2. hey awry.. thanks for you dedication to my posts.. even when i’m not around to literally threat you and strangle you (to read it ;)). i’m really hoping you all are missing me.. so that when i finally come back you will be glad when i shout and scream at you !!!


  3. Aurindam says:

    Hmmmm….get well soon:)


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