Lets Salsa!!!

Another Sunday simply flew by… My mock exam was awful, as usual… not that I was really prepared for it, but still… Anyways slept in the afternoon after a real long time… was trying to resist the temptation especially cause I’ve to go to office from tomo and work after lunch will seem totally insane cause of my snooze this afternoon… eh!!! Whatever…

Scenario at office has become normal and boring once again with the completion of the “salsa” classes that we had for about ten days. It was fun redefined (in the office I mean). I managed to drag one of my colleagues…and after I saw him in the class doing his… ahem! “Steps”… I seriously kicked myself for putting the dude through so much trouble especially cause his facial distortions made it painful for me to dance… and now I’m so proud of him.. he’s quite good( for at least the beginner’s batch) and he’s actually one of the very… very few guys who’re able to lead us females… me in particular( I’m a bit too fussy about my partners… hate it when they make me look bad :-/) I know I’ve been really hard on these guys.. and most of the times ended up getting reprimanded by my instructor…reason??? well I tried to lead every guy I danced with till my instructor kind of hammered it into me that I was “supposed” to follow.. Bah!!!!

First few days were clumsy… when we all tried to imitate the instructor, get the steps right… and also perfect our techniques… but within the next days… suddenly everybody got this strange confidence which led to perfect synchronisation even with fast music. It was on a round robin basis, where we gals would switch partners after every few minutes … Pros — we got to dance with every guy (although none were cute enough : (…) and the cons ??? well we ended up being led in different styles and also few weird steps.. on one hand where some guys were even scared to touch you, the others would literally jostle you around to get their steps correct… It was funny at first but when it continued even after five days it kind of got irritating… and me being me ( hoy…. !!! I’m a nice person… it’s just these compulsions I have for perfect things!!) tried to be their saviour and guiding angel… while some guys were sweet enough to take my lead and get their act straight.. some others tried to teach me (yeah right!!! 😛 pppppfffttt!!!! ) Some were pretty obstinate in claiming that… it was just the way they danced( as if they had invented salsa….) and few others kept on passing judgements on my dancing to keep me occupied so that I didn’t point out that they were totally wrong..

Well for what it’s worth… I got my colleague (who did have two left feet…) to dance perfectly…. And I did end up making a couple of friends… although the rigorous dancing and our huge effort to keep up with the guys (their weird styles) didn’t really let us have enough time for socialising, it was still fun… I ‘m so going to miss classes 😦

One funny thing about me… although I pretty much hate the way bollywood movies have their “running around the trees” song and dance sequences …. I would love to be doing just that in my daily life… like even now when I’m walking down the street with my mp3 in its perfect place…. I have these sudden urges to break down into a step… or swivel… or just tap on while walking… Like there will be music floating down from somewhere and I would just dance… the most amazing dance… hmmmmm!!!! And knowing me… I’m pretty sure some of u might end up seeing me doing just that on the streets some day… heheheheh (gosh!!! With so many abnormalities… I really ought to walk around with a plaque which says… “Not NUTS…. it’s just the screws which are missing” ;)….)


One thought on “Lets Salsa!!!

  1. Aurindam says:

    After readin this post i m sad…very sad….very very sad…..:(:( :(:( 😦 :(Apparantly i missed something interesting coz i nvr go thru those Internally Broadcasted Mails!!Altho i kno how good i m at such things but still …I wudnt hav been the only guy with two left feet in the crowd 🙂 😛


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