boys.. will always will boys!!!

Another weekend arrived… without much of a thrill… the hectic week schedule pretty much kills the enthusiasm… and even when I’m not busy with any of my classes I end up refusing all invitations of going out.. cause all I feel like doing is curling up under a blanket with a book, few bars of chocolates and my sweetheart poochie….( umm don’t get any ideas people… poochie’s my favourite teddy bear…) So even when this Saturday dawned I didn’t really have anything special planned.. as I was ( technically) not well, I lazed around till 8 in bed( which is by the norm a pretty late hour for me…) and then tried studying a bit.. and when that didn’t happen.. I prepared a good lunch and finally did end up with a book under my blanket…

Anyways routine stuff apart, time for my random thing for today. Well any girl out there will totally agree with me that guys are vain creatures. I mean they still haven’t evolved from their cave days when they would try and impress females, it is kinda embedded in them and nothing… not evolution… not maturation… not progress…. not even mutation… (Hehehe) will ever change that… (ok I know I’ve kind of got out all my weapons of mass destruction and been targeting the guys since my last post.. but well that’s what I intend to do till I’m happy about it.. and moreover its my blog.. and I can write about whoever I want to.. if somebody doesn’t like it.. they can pretty well go and bitch about me in their blogs!!!!)…

So I was saying… ummm oh ya the vanity factor of guys… well I do agree that we girls also try and impress guys… but only the ones we are interested in… But guys have to impress any female… in the vicinity… it’s almost like an addiction to them that they can’t let go… And please!!! We do it subtly….. That would be termed as being coy… and trust me it definitely wouldn’t be loud… when a guy tries to impress a female (which is almost “everytime”), he becomes loud… stupid…. and aggressive at times…. The classic symptoms of a guy trying to impress would be

· Cracking oft repeated jokes…

· Laughing at his stale jokes….

· A lot of hand movements ( like he’s desperately trying to swat away the boredom around 😉 )

· LOUD voice ( as if his life depended on his volume)

· If it’s in a group… he would try to stand out by talking about every irrelevant and hi fi stuff he can think of… (Umm like when the girl would just say she saw a cute movie… he would run on a parallel talking about the amazing cars he has… or the wild river rafting experiences he had…. or even the fashion show he ramp walked in… even if it was just an “inter” college thing!!)

· He would make stupid illogical and sometime weirdly pathetic comments about everything and everybody around… and obviously end up with his foot in his mouth!!!

· He would also feign this amazing indifference when someone else (who’s also trying his hand at impressing the fairer sex) says something…and then on start his every statement with …”oh that’s nothing.. when I was there..” or “when I did it” blah blah blah
What’s funny is that he would even try and brag about in his own friend circle… consisting of no females….

Ok ok I agree all guys aren’t the same… but most are. Anyways all jokes and posts apart… some guys really rock!!! And this goes out to all my friends (all the guys!!) guys u seriously are great… (Cause you’re my friend! ;)) and because u tolerate me so well… hehehe love you all people… ( there.. now I hope I won’t get that beating you were thinking of giving me .. eh???)


4 thoughts on “boys.. will always will boys!!!

  1. Aurindam says:

    I wud hav loved to giv u some comments abt the point but i already c too much happenin here!!… So…..Anyways i tuk this post as a humor article so i m lite!! May be somday i’ll try 2 pull ur leg with a “galz… will always b galz” post 🙂


  2. @doc… trust me guys try to impress..just about anyone!!! and its not that i’m grading guys.. yes i’m being judgmental and probably rude.. but all i’m doing is bitching about them..and mentioning what i’ve personally seen and felt…. totally agree that just cause u r u n v r v… life’s interesting.. but that shouldn’t really stop me from having my own opinions…..and throughout the post i’ve never “GRADED” guys.. if that was the case i wouldn’t be having so many close friends who”guys”. all i’ve tried to do is expand on a personal experience….don’t kill the humour in it by telling me I’m wearing shades or looking at the world in a wrong way.. i’m pretty sure when u get together with ur friends.. u too sit and bitch about girls having too much of an attitude… or being too sentimental.. or blah blah blah… open up ur mind an read.. u’ll find that ..thats exactly what i’ve done….@deep blue…. DUDE… I’ve come across amazing guys.. some of those are my bestest friends till date… and 1. this behaviour hasn’t got into my mind.. its just something funny enough to be put down in black and white( brown in my blog’s case)2. I’m not wasting my time writing about “them” i wrote about MY feelings MY opinions MY judgments and MY bitching about something which is so “NOT IMPORTANT” that i could actually make fun of it publicly…3. I’m not even thinking about them dude.. you’ve somehow gone and got it ALL WRONG. If i was actually thinking about them. I would be advising them rather than bitching about them and ridicling them….SO chill people!!! It was a random post about a random happening in my life.. neither am i WRONG… nor am i too distressed emotionally…… 🙂


  3. Deepblue says:

    hey.. It seems u seldomly come across good guys.. it doesn’t mean there are only a few… But probably, the behavior of the other kind.. gets too much into ur mind.. Aree.. yaar let them go to hell.. why do u waste ur blog writing about ’em. There are many more people who really love u and care for u.. starting at home ur parents, brother, friends n many whats the point in thinking about the wrong ???


  4. Anonymous says:

    ha…there goes swamy sayanthikananda lady…if tat s de way u grade guys it simply projects ur weakness…ur insecurityif u feel tat evry guy who walks by ur life s tryin to impress u then ur badly mistaken…we do try to impress ppl who “V R INTRESTED IN OR THOSE V LIKE”…tat applies to girls too but de only difference s tat v hav a broader spectrumu r entitled to ur opinion but wearin shades makes evrythin appear darkas u said…v r v n u r u…if v al cud get along fine then life wud bcom a stanstil…borin to b aptdoc here


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