No offence intended.

Hey there… well its been a long time since i posted on my blog.. the reason for it is a mixture of a hectic work schedule, lack of inspiration, and too many things going wrong … i srsly didn’t wanna end up writing another depressing post and receive all those condolences ( ;)) from my very sweet well wishers…. heheh jokes apart i just felt like i’m doing quite an injustice to my blog, so from now on i’ll try to make a regular post.. a post a day.. abt some random thing around.. hmm nice.. lets see how long i can continue that….

Last two weeks kinda flew by… work .. studies.. tests… catching up with old friends…. phew.. quite a fortnight…. for today’s random topic.. i would like to simply talk abt people… somebody few days back asked me what exactly was i passionate about.. and after I gave it some thought I realised something new about myself… I was passionate about people.. their lives.. their joys and sorrows.. I love talking to a lot of people.. getting attached to them. Being there for them.. being a part of their lives… all this attachment does leave me really hurt at times.. but then again.. i have learnt to live with it.. but it still amazes me to know that every person i’ve ever come across is so different from the others…. some are genuinely sweet…. who care… who somehow know exactly what u wanna hear.. and when.. who react to you in a very apt manner.

And then there’s the other kind( among the trillion other kinds)… after encountering this kind of people for about hmmm lets see… one.. two… ummm about three times… 😉 i have been able to pinpoint the exact concoction that makes these kinds…. ppl who’re insensitive…. who have always “used” others for their selfish means… who “pretend” a lot… pretend to be caring.. pretend to be smart and sophisticated… but are in fact the biggest cowards at hearts…. ppl who love to put others down cause it simply gives them a weird sadistic pleasure.. and helps them boost their egos … ppl who would go to any heights to make u feel good only to punch u real hard and get u down to ur knees… bereft of self esteem …. stripped naked of that last ounce of belief and love u had placed in them….. oh ya , trust me.. there are ppl of such kinds….

Anyways won’t really go around pin pointing anyone.. ( now that i’ve got some of it out of my system!!!) But these people should really think about what they’re really doing.. i mean why can’t they be a bit more normal.. accept ppl without judging them, atleast appreciate the care coming their way even if they’re not able to reciprocate to it… ya i understand at some point of time they must have been hurt real bad.. but by shutting every genuine attempt to reach them.. they ‘re simply doing what they’ve gone through… which isn’t really that correct. They should really start respecting others a bit… stop pretending and let down their guards a bit…. after all life’s all bat sharing… and even if u get hurt… do what i do.. “ love like u’ve never been hurt before”….

I understand that by being good to people… or by accepting help , you won’t be turned into a superhuman….but neither will u lose ur self respect.. if anything.. you’ll only gain respect and become a better human…. anyways on a lighter note.. as i mentioned the famous concoction.. although i didn’t want to divulge it.. but who cares.. so here goes ;)….. put a certain well known all boys school.. in a certain place… get a name starting with a certain letter… and voila!!!! There u have the famous combination of a mean.. selfish…. self centered .. egoistic… maniac!!! Okie.. i’m sorry.. i know i know.. i over did it.. but… seriously i simply had to get it out of my system… and now that its out.. i promise i’ll be a sweeter person.. heheheh in my next post 😉 so long!!!


2 thoughts on “No offence intended.

  1. nope doc… haven’t changed a thing about my approach.. even now i’ll happily go into seclusion to get a break from my mundane life… its just that i’ve never ridiculed the help i got from my friends during that time.. even then when my friends tried to help me.. i tookit without the feeling that i was losing my self esteem or pride.. cause thats what friends are for.. and this blog.. is pretty much directed to certain kind of people i’ve come across. who probably did get my point 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    hey neka…tis blog is very much contradictory to ur pervious blog bout how u shut urself frm de world to gain composure and n de process hurtin evryone around u….now it seems u’ve changed ur approach…more positive n more reciprocative…nice to hear tat… it actualy works magic…anyway tis blog was an entertainer 🙂


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