hey there,
was away on a short break.. had loads of fun, met loads of ppl… ate a bit too much (groan) and am refreshed now 🙂

was in pune the last weekend…. met up with a couple of old friends.. after almost seven months.. felt really great .. catching up on each other’s lives and loads of gossips hehehehe

then mumbai to meet parents and my little brother.. umm not so little after all it was his nineteenth birthday and he’s in the navy 🙂

too hot a place yaar.. did nothing the entire day but laze around and eat 🙂 hehehehe

met up with two friends after eleven years.. and it was like those years never happened.. as we sat there recollecting stuff… it was almost as if we were reliving it.. (sniff.. sniff)

spent some real quality time with family after a long time…

landed back here on friday evening.. and got back high fever.. so still with a running nose…. 🙂

looking forward to work tomorrow….(suprisingly!)


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