So… i lost my very expensive kajal pencil and when i say it was expensive i really mean it people… 350 bucks… ya ya i know its a tad too much of an amount to spend on a silly thing like kajal.. but since thats the only luxury i allow my otherwise weather beaten face… i think its worth the cost. Well coming back to the issue at hand… it just vanished into thin air.. and i’ve upturned the entire house trying to search for it.. but all in vain : ( and its really getting on my nerves.. i’m not able to study.. read or even listen to music cause everytime i step into my room all my eyes do is roam around and scan the entire periphery for any hint of a kajal pencil peeking from some corner or playing peekaboo from the shadows….. and today being the third day since its loss…. its totally frustrating… one can never imagine right.. i mean .. how can an incident as meaningless as this put one to such a pathetic state of hypertension and restlessness that nothing holds my attention any more.. you won’t believe it but i actually am writing this post for the fifth time.. and i’m still not sure whether it’ll turn out the way i want it… or will i chuck it like the four previous ones…..

hmmmphhhh :-/ and its not just this… there are many such little things which totally put me off balance and ruin my life.. make me miserable and feel so lost : ( Like the other day when i suddenly thought of a particular song but couldn’t remember the words after a line.. being the impatient and silly person that i am.. i spent the better half of the morning calling up probably every music freak i’ve ever known.. ( waking a few up from their morning snooze and even disturbing a few from their busy schedules…) and ended up frustrating half the town over a silly doubt… but ya another freak like me called me in an hour to blast me badly… cause i was singing the wrong first line…. hehehehe

And then there was this day when i went wild searching for my pen .. created chaos at my office desk only to have my neighbour point out that my so called precious pen was busy holding up my hair….. 😉 Some days i walk out of my door all radiant and confident .. and then some random guy stares at me.. for a bit more than usual.. and poof… thats all it takes to get me worked up and conscious…. and i end up asking probably everyone i know.. if i was looking funny… and the reaction is prolonged if at all a girl stares.. heheheehe

Ok i accept i’m a bit careless at times.. a li’l scatterbrained.. enough to actually put unwashed dishes in a bucket of water rather than the sink…. but not enough to be compared to my li’l brother.. who used to spend ages in bathroom only to emerge without even brushing.. let alone taking a bath !!!! ya ya i’m also a bit hyper reactive in some situations… Like when i get worked up over umimportant and totally useless things… but u see thats just the theatre in my blood 😉

All said and done i’m still being nagged by the idiotic thought of my kajal pencil… and i’m dead sure the day i go and buy another one.. this one will mysteriously appear on my bed or under it ..but i’m also dead sure that i must have just kept it somewhere… safe… just a bit too safe !!!!



  1. Aurindam says:

    hmpfh!!(bhengchi katchi… (wink)!!)”put unwashed dishes in a bucket of water rather than the sink”… yeh… definitely a little scatterbrained!!…I hav met lots of absent-minded ppl in my life…but this one takes the cake…. errrrr…. the kajal pencil!! 🙂


  2. Aurindam says:

    Hmpfh!! :p(bhengchi katchi)Luvd the “unwashed dishes in a bucket of water rather than the sink” part… i hav come across a lot of absent-minded ppl but this one takes the cake … errr… the kajal pencil 😉 😀


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