Another long and hectic day at office in front of my desktop.. and my yellow cells got down to some interesting work !!! ( dude… grey ones are for intelligent thinking.. and the yellow ones.. actually MY yellow ones are for creative thinking….)see they’re already hard at work.. anyways .. as i sat there trying to clean my desktop of all the temp files i’d acquired… it suddenly struck me… how very comfortable and convenient it would be.. if our life was like our desktops!!!! Hmmmmmm think abt it …
· We could put shortcuts to ppl we like….
· We could categorise them in folders and directories 😉 ( ‘not needed’, ‘love these’, hate these’,’sweethearts’ and so on)
· We could arrange them the way we like.. u know… by type… age.. likes .. dislikes…..
· We could delete the ones who annoyed us… but restore them back once it all gets sorted out
· We could permanently delete the ones we hate….
· We could choose the setting of our own life.. as in the time and place we would like to be in 😉
· The task bar could be increased to accommodate as many ppl we wanted…( even as many boyfriends or girlfriends 😉 )
· We could mute the ppl we don’t wanna hear 😉
· Best of all …. we could just refresh it all and start all over again.. in case we didn’t want the current settings….

SIGH!!! Life would have definitely been simpler…. and as i thought.. i randomly clicked on some application which hung my system.. Ufffff!!!! Well i still have my task manager 😉


2 thoughts on “Refresh!!!

  1. Aurindam says:

    This was really innovative… good 2 c ur yellow cells at work… or did u get inspired frm sm article… in tht case i think u’d hav used ur orange ones!! anyways… really luvd a few thngs…. esp…”refresh it all and start all over again”!!.. I wud hav luvd it if i cud hav emptied my trash-bin. Toooooo many things are stuck there.


  2. Monu Joy says:

    Yellow cells ! thats a new term for me :-)…hope God does not provide a microsoft pc for us….


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