We parted too soon,
Maybe there wasn’t enough love,
Or maybe love’s just not enough….
But there is still hope…

Yes, he’s with her,
Yes he’s happy,
And yes he even loves her…
But there is still hope…

There was no cry,
No wail or thrashing of arms,
Those tiny eyes didn’t flicker…
But there is still hope…

She held them close,
Watched them grow,
They did leave her out here …
But there is still hope…

He saw him fall,
Helped him get over it,
He watched him get lost again…
But there is still hope…

I loved once,
Loved with everything I had,
Lost terribly, with a heart too broken,
But there IS still hope!!!

Hope… a single emotion which literally makes the world go round! The hope of a brighter tomorrow, of a future that’s filled with joys, of a life without failures, of everything turning out just fine in the end… of a Road that never has a dead end!
For ages now the entire human race has survived on this very emotion. What is hope? Is it the simple belief that one has about one’s love returning back.. or is it that the strong conviction of a mother about the health of her child during the delivery of a premature baby? Maybe its the faith of a parent who still believes in his children after life has failed them repeatedly… it could even be that tiny flicker of trust that the children who kicked out a parent will take them back someday…

It is hope that keeps a dying man alive, a broken heart strong enough to love again. We begin each and every day of our lives with a hope that it would be different from the last one.. more fruitful and happier…. every day many of our hopes are burnt to ashes and blown away.. but still we HOPE.. thats us .. humans…. and without this very strong conviction of better things around the corner, we might not last long. It is that tiny feeling that can turn the world around. Somebody once said ” a tiny flutter of a butterfly’s wings can cause a typhoon across the half of the world.” And that very tiny flutter is what hope is….

I too hope…
That I’ll be able to live again

Feel the sun on my arms…
Feel the rain drops on the palm of my hand,

Find solace in my own solitude,
Find reasons to smile through tears

Be able to laugh uncontrollably
Be able to bring out the child within,

Recognise people who care
Recognise the ones who’re not worth the pain.

Talk to myself and make sense,
Talk my heart out.

Listen to the birds chirp out greetings,
Listen to my heart without repenting

I see a huge crowd milling away while I stand glued to the very same spot…. the people around dissolve in blurs and patches of colours… I stand there feeling all alone.. hearing my own heart, but there’s hope, one day I’ll not be alone….and I’ll hear another heart beat along with mine… not simultaneously, but filling the gaps between mine.


5 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Anonymous says:

    hope is a dreambut life s a nightmarer u prepared to face it…tats wat matters at de end 😦


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hope is a gud breakfast but a bad supperjus read tis post…”If u can actually manage to survive on hope then u sure will stay happy thruout ur life”dont take tis n de bad sense but u jus cant sit on hope buddy…life demands more…u gotta offer more than jus hope to survive


  3. Aurindam says:

    Good One!!!If u can actually manage to survive on hope then u sure will stay happy thruout ur life.Keep Trying….!!!!


  4. Sinetheta says:

    thanks sweetie:)


  5. pearl says:

    yeah this one is really commendable….kisi mail se chepa to nahi..sach bata..hehe jus kiddinggud one


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