World is a small place !!!….. is it really????

We often come across such happenings in our lives , which lead us to believe that the world is definitely a small place. I mean , u get to know somebody u’ve been friends with since years is actually a close friend of some other friend of yours… or maybe the recent gf of ur friend was actually in school with u … it really makes us feel close and … well close knit. But there are other incidents which totally negate this feeling…It makes u feel that in spite of all those communication networks .. somehow u’ve managed to alienate ppl staying so close to u.. I mean I share my house with two other females.. and since we all have different work schedules, its become a rarity that we three sit and chat or even are at home at the same time. Even on weekends we ‘re busy socializing with friends we haven’t got the time to see or talk over the entire week. Its funny cause it never struck us to sit and share a meal with each other.. the reason being very simple… we live in the same house… most of the times this kind of a situation is quite comfortable and not much of a concern… but certain things happened over the weekend which have led me to believe that maybe we take each other too much for granted.. I mean we shouldn’t right? Cause if I need help in the middle of the night its my roomies I would turn to…. There have been times when one of us has been missing and nobody bothered.. cause we assumed it would be too invasive to question.. after all we’re all working professionals. But thankfully I have two very cute sweet and quite nosy ( hehehe) roomies… who not only like to keep a track but also try and be up to date with my life… and I totally return the favour. But the work pressure on all us of has been so high during the last two weeks that its been a bit of a chaotic situation at home… over the weekend I came to know abt my roomie’s big decision through a common friends but somehow instead of being hurt I felt guilty of being so self centered.. so I just sat with her.. and kinda reconnected… it felt good… especially since we share a great frequency…. All said and done I have finally decided to spend some quality time with both my roomies… heheheh I know I’ll probably not be able to do that for a long time ( not before the weekend atleast) but still it’s a start…: )


2 thoughts on “World is a small place !!!….. is it really????

  1. Sinetheta says:

    sweetie.. the point is ” time” out here.. i talk.. even if i’m sleeping when they come in.. i do ask them how their day was and manage to tell them abt almost half my activities that day.. in sleep ;)but i don’t get time while i’m awake …. and u know me.. nothing in the world can probably ever change m 😉 i’m gonna be “2” till i die!!!! and yup.. my network’s too wide and strong 🙂


  2. Aurindam says:

    Itz quite surprising 2 kno tht u donn get time 2 talk 2 ur roomies!!!…. i mean U …. i.e. YOU donn get time 2 TALK!!!Corporate life is knon 2 change ppl but smhow i still can’t bliv tht it can change YOu n that 2 in this respect!!!!Altho the desc in d 1st few lines shld b a typical 4 u … given the network u maintain


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