I wonder…

I looked at him,
Trying to find a trace of something..
Something which resembled a li’l gloom…
Or maybe resentment…
But all i saw was just those sparkling eyes…
That gem of a smile ….

It was a li’l boy.. at this shop near my house.. about 8-10 years of age probably… and working hard to earn a living. I thought maybe he would be angry for having to work rather than play.. i thought maybe at some corner of his little heart he held a grudge for what he was going through… i thought.. and how wrong was i…. when i didn’t quite find what i was looking for and was adequately shocked to see what i never expected…. i thought maybe this is what he wants.. to earn and support himself and his family.. maybe he’s happy cause .. he likes this… i thought.. and once again how wrong was i….
Well i’ve never been a nosy person but that cute face intrigued me.. those pretty deep eyes moved me… and some tiny flicker of sorrow played peekaboo around the corners of his smile…and finally my curiosity got better of me… and i tried to find out what was it…

What i found out was…. well ,a pretty strange emotion for me.. a way of living i couldn’t even have imagined…. it was all very new to me… almost as if there existed an alien parallel to my world and way of living. How could i expect him to be sad when he never knew any other way of living, how would he be resentful if all he knew was this way…. there he was.. working away, with a smile, a soft crinkle passing his brow at times… when he didn’t understand a thing, immediately being replaced by those raised eyebrows to acknowledge a surprise or a nod to indicate understanding…… the facts, the history, the painful revellations all took a back seat when i looked at that innocent face, all eager to do whatever he was doing, with no qualms about life, or anxiousness to explore more.

Walking back i really wondered when will he finally be ready to face it all, when will he finally know what he missed.. will he then regret his fate? Will he carry a grudge throughout… or will he just accept it….. these are the times when i sincerely hope that fairy godmothers existed..


6 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. mecurialmind says:

    “How could i expect him to be sad when he never knew any other way of living, how would he be resentful if all he knew was this way”…I consider this as one of the best lines I have read in my life.


  2. Anonymous says:

    oh!i meant resentment


  3. Anonymous says:

    i agree with u….i liv a slightly diffrnt lyf according 2 my frnds….bt u kno i’ve nvr known a lyf ne diffrnt frm wat i’m living….so there is absolutely no recentment….


  4. Aurindam says:

    Ignorance is a bliss!!:)


  5. Sinetheta says:

    gadhe…. tu bahut pitega ab to….:-/ ullu 🙂


  6. aviral says:

    Life is full of so many things and it never failes to surprise you. These circumstances can bring the best in man and the worst as well. We must all make a difference however small that may be. Only drops can fill up an ocean. SAYANTIKA PADH LIYA MEINE AUR COMMENT BHI KIYA, AB TO KHUSH HAI!!!!!!!Aviral


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