have u ever wondered about the ppl who usually move around and give advice on relationships to almost everybody who’ll listen to them ? i mean u’ll always find one of these types in a group.. trust me i was one too at one point of time.. not cause i thought i knew everything but cause my group thought i did…;)

anyways have u ever wondered what makes a few ppl the experts on such things? i mean have they been through everything? are all their pieces of advice tried and tested time and again? or have they atleast had somebody close enough going through those problems…. well ..recently i came across an entire page of articles which were nothing but big pieces of advice to new couples and old ones alike.. abt what clicks and what doesn’t.. about how to save or spice up their relation…..about the so called “rules” and unwritten “laws” that are to be followed… though i personally found them stupid, dumb , disgusting and definitely repulsive.. i saved it.. for future laughs ๐Ÿ˜‰

here are a few excerpts from those.. and expert comments ( mine of course) to accompany them……

1.”This one’s on me.. honey ”
this one was on the terms and conditions that are to be followed while dating.. concerning the bills one acquires while eating out etc . the advice given ranged from being downright silly to outrageously pathetic…. i mean things like..” if its ur birthday let her pay.. if u’re celebrating u pay.. better go dutch on everything… ” gawd!!! i’m pretty sure only matured ppl get into relations.. and they will DEFINITELY have the brains.. nobody really needs to write them down…

2.”My hubby’s buddy and my buddy’s hubby”
another totally useless article telling us why and how we should adjust with the friends of our spouse…accompanied by equally useless comments about how certain ppl have found good friends that way.. i mean.. grow up dude…once u get married.. they all become ur family friends…. and trust me after marriage ppl really don’t get to hang around with their friends… they find common ppl and get attached to them….the creme` was the last summarising point which said it helps us to understand our spouse better…. DUDE.. if even after marriage and living with the person u need to take help from their friends to understand ur spouse.. ur marriage has PROBS.. big time!!!

3.”Playing hard to get”
> the first silly thing in it.. it defied the natural law of females playing hard to get.. and used a male protagonist ๐Ÿ˜‰
> then it went on to describe how a gal gets desperate to talk to a guy and what all signs she should look for….
>finally after a truckload of rubbish it decides to tell u the truth that..” wake up dudette…. if he doesn’t call.. like for a long time…( almost an year) it means he’s not interested… great deductions.. kudos to the writer!!!!

but the award would definitely go this one….
4. “How to set up two friends for a date!”
this is supposedly in the tip section.. tipping ppl as to how they can set up their single friends and play at being cupid for a while…. while i would like to believe there are ppl out there who are too good and philanthropist of the highest order.. i still find it hard to believe anybody would genuinely try their hand at matchmaking…. i mean .. please!!!! in this age and time when couples don’t have enough time to even talk to each other and save their relationships… who would be thinking of others!!!!

so there u go… a useless page filled with useless articles… which are utterly boring and help in wasting time.. and by actually writing a post abt it i’ve managed to waste more time… hehehe
so next time somebody offers to advice u on ur relationship.. just ask them to write an article.. that way u won’t be alone to suffer ๐Ÿ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Relationships!!!!

  1. Monu Joy says:

    Hmmm…in my meandering explorations on the net i too saw a good article…but its very true…still not decided whether to write about it in my blog…because women should never know what guys know about them… ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. Aurindam says:

    dunno what shld i tell u ….wen u urslf hav ritten what i sld hav said in d last para.btw… i need d original articles. kahan milega?? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Sinetheta says:

    hey deep.. thanks a lot for the comment.. alkthough ur blog is still not accessible… i’m more relieved than glad that some ppl actually read my blog without me strangling them ๐Ÿ˜‰ jokes apart… thanks ..


  4. Deep says:

    Was really hit by ur post especially the last para whr u mention that couples not having time for each other….i think its a grave prob….and needs immediate redressal!….besides nice post!


  5. Sinetheta says:

    well dude.. that was exactly my point.. “trust ur instincts” and thanks a lot for mentioning that i forced u :-/


  6. shantanu says:

    holy cow…….thats what i said when i read the heading “RELATIONSHIPS”…am the last one to be commenting on relationships….i wonder how many people actually read articles like these….and how many people blog abt them….i dono abt the 1st one…but the answer to my 2nd question is 1…ie bangalan…..I guess trusting ur instincts is what one should do when it comes to relationships…..advice from books or people aint gonna help…but then again, i might be wrong…okay bangalan…am done…this is all i can write when am being forced into submission….


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