"Queen of wishful thinking "

Exactly now.. at this very moment I am sitting behind a desk.. trying to concentrate on my monitor.. and frantically wishing I was somewhere else…. Do u know what I wanna do right now??? I just want to quit everything around.. walk out .. walk out into the wide world with a rucksack and a camera… walk out with a heart filled with anticipation and excitement but still lighter.. walk out with a tinge of fear but still a serene calmness… a joy never experienced before… the joy of not having any care in the world.. to just live for myself and for the moment….hmmm … and finally all I want is to be the “ Queen of wishful thinking “ !!!!

Won’t it be fun to just run wild on soft sand… beside a wide ocean.. feeling the warm spray of salty water on ur lips…. To just take long walks in the shade of trees while a soft winter breeze blows through ur hair… to get wet in the rain for as long as u want and never catch cold…..sigh !!!!!
But as a professional I know for sure that all this will probably never happen… so maybe I should just wake up and get back to work.. uh oh… its already two… gotta wind up soon… so long ppl : ) keep dreaming….

I wish I could just run away
Without a worry or care
With a spring in my steps
I wish I could just dare……

I wish I could run wild
Among the mango groves at night
With moonlight shining all around
Oooh.. What a pretty sight….

I wish I could swim
To the unfathomable depths of sea
And probably become a mermaid 😉
Won’t it be absolutely lovely?

I wish I could smile due a to breath free of worry
I wish I could sing out loud cause of my heart being carefree
I wish my laughter would spread to everybody
I wish I could sit all day long under the shade of a tree
And all I wish is to probably be ME.


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