Happppppppppy Weekend ;) !!!

hey guys 🙂 well i just happened to notice that i haven’t posted anything for a long time so thought of dropping in and saying “hi”!!! its been a stressing week for me.. i’m really really really looking forward to this weekend.. just to take time off from everything and chill… i’ve this very cute friend of mine who’s into blogs too… and i was quite tickled to find that most of his blogs had something or the other to do with weekends 😉 but i know exactly what he feels like.. trust me ppl this desk job is definitely not my cup of tea…. i’d rather be on a field trip soaking up the sun ( getting blemishes all over due to tan ) and feeling the breeze in my hair( along with dust and smoke .. yuck!!) .
but the whole week takes so much away from u.. energy and spirit too.. that at the end of it all u wanna do is plonk down on the bed and never get up.. but then again that irritates me to the core.. i like doing something or the other every moment of my life.. and especially now.. dealing with a broken heart is full time job dude… its becomes necessary to keep oneself distracted and constructively busy… so… i’m gonna attend all my classes( oh ya i managed to royally screw my weekends by enrolling for loads of classes ) and use my weekend to the fullest… and of course there’s food and books in case i get a li’l too depressed 😉
So guys as i head towards a busy weekend may u all have a great one too….


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