My Vacationing Spot !

Yesterday I had quite a rough day. It all started with falling down in the bathroom. (Umm… Er… It simply happens to me… Not my fault …:)). I know I know, u’ll be muttering, there she goes yet again.. Heheh .. Anyways.. Then I went to get my wound redressed and trust me my doctor was really happy to know I’d fallen down again and hurt the same foot .with a lot of fake concern he soberly said…” maybe u should see one of the doctors abt that fall injury, eh.. Don’t worry I’ll get the nurse to get ur consultation sheet”…..”No” I almost shouted… Cause consulting even the same doc with a new ailment would mean the entire procedure to be repeated, not mentioning the amount of money that goes down the drain….

Now that I’ve introduced u to this topic of hospitals and doctors… Let me enlighten the poor souls out there who have never managed to see one…( at least not for themselves)…since early childhood I’ve had the tendency to visit this place more than probably any other family member. It’s a fact that I’ve visited it more than the religious places 😉 I once jokingly explained this tendency to my faculty member in college by saying “U see… I was born in one of those… And somehow even after these many years I’ve not been able to break the umbilical cord… It just keeps pulling me back “…. Somehow after four years of saying that and numerous visits to hospitals, I’ve actually started believing in that statement. Maybe I still am attached to it ;)! Sounds outright non sense doesn’t it 🙂

Anyways when I first came into this city, I almost pledged to take really, I mean “really” good care of myself so as to refrain from going to a hospital. Cause during the four years of college that I had spent in a place far from home.. in a hostel, I was such a regular visitor to the health centre that I almost got one of the rooms named after me…. But as luck would have it, I found myself staring at a blank hospital wall just about one month later.

The problem — I had to turn from waist down to look sideways or behind —- A sprained neck! No please don’t ask me about the way I managed to get it, lets not even leave it to imagination, just IGNORE it. Anyways since that day I’ve been there so many times that I’m quite sure that everybody out there knows me, at least by face.

I’ve had the freakiest of accidents, which served as pretty good reasons for me ending up in an hospital. I got stung by a scorpion.– in the “ chemistry lab”. (My chemistry sir still thinks I put it there…. God!!! Why would I get stung in the chemistry lab.. If I had planned it I would have at least chosen a better venue.. DUH!!!) And then there’s the time when I got bitten by some unknown thingie.. in my back yard 🙂 . Blacking out in the middle of nowhere due to no good reason is another hobby of mine 😉 And my famous foot injuries have been enough to get me back to my “actual’ home ;)!!!!

However u take me( as a nut case , a typical clumsy female.. or a masterpiece displaying god’s sense of humor), I know for sure its cause of the evil eye on me… aww guys please don’t laugh.. hey rub that grin off ur face dude, I’m telling u.. its just cause of an evil spirit …….( gosh even I can’t keep a straight face at that one..) well this was the very cute reason given by my old maid at home when I went for my hols… and she was quite dramatic when she explained the entire process.. of..umm.. getting hit by the evil eye… well ma being ma.. made me go through the weirdest of rituals just to ward off the evil eye.. Starting from taking me to a temple till even worshipping me with a bunch of red chillies and then burning them, inducing this horrible coughing fit which almost took me to the hospital… again! But thank god for divine intervention, or should I say “ official” intervention, I had to pack my bags and return to base:).

But inspite of all that jing bang.. my trips to the hospital never ceased.. and till date I’ve been trying to search for that evil eye, so that I can convey my gratitude… cause all said and done.. it does let me take as many days off as I want.. 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Vacationing Spot !

  1. Esha says:

    thats the whole irony doofus..that i prefer to call my frequent visits to the hospital as my vacation and the hospital my vcacationing spot.. and hey i didn’t intend to make it humourous… i was just writing abt my freakish accidents.. and its not that i’m even asking u to laugh at somebody ‘s illness.. its just the weird kinda carelessness that i mentioned.. and being accident prone that too in such a silly way is not all that serious dude… so.. cough it up and chill 😉


  2. Aurindam says:

    U always surprise me.N nt all of them r pleasant!!…U giv d title as “vacationing spot” and rite abt “docs n hosptls”.well…watevr…!!!.but m nt sure abt d humor in this post coz i donn hav a habit of “making comedy out of a frend’s tragedy”. Btw, the evil-eye thing sounds interesting.:)


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