what an experience….

its been quite some time since i’ve been limping (courtesy my broken toe).. in fact its been exactly four weeks and a day… and trust me its hard work.. especially for somebody like me.. who hasn’t really learnt how to walk even after years of practice… ask my ma.. and she’ll tell u that i walk like a ” limping camel in quicksand” whoa… pretty heavy huh?? 😉 i still remember this one time when my brother supposedly rushed( my ma’s version of course!!) back in from the balcony from where he was watching me walk back home… and called me on my cell.. only to tell me” sheesh.. walk properly yaar… ppl will otherwise come to know u’re retarded…. !!!” gosh.. thats my brother for u ppl…

But its not all that bad…. just bad enough for my teacher to actually holler after me saying “girl u’re wearing a saree.. so please don’t walk as if u’re wearing jeans.. ” and then answering herself” oh … i forgot..THATS HOW u walk anyways ” 😉 so much for my walking style..

now coming to the main point.. my tripping habit.. i manage to trip on the smoothest of surfaces.. without any warning… and all my friends have been subjected to that kinda embarrasment when i graciously trip … on thin air!!!! trust me i’m not that clumsy.. well.. a li’l bit.. actually lots.. but not that much.. gosh i’m confused myself!

so when i did tell my friends i managed to displace a toe bone, all they said was ” hey good work gal…. finally after years of tripping and spraining and twisting ur feet.. u finally reached ur goal of displacing a bone…good for u!!!” aww man… so much for a li’l sympathy from friends.. well i did get my share of sympathy from the ppl who’ve not known me for long… they went “oh my god.. thats awful… ” but it all vanished into a silly grin ,a very infuriating guffaw or a plain look of astonishment when they heard the real cause… ” while walking ” is all i could say !

one of my seniors at work was quite curious when he asked ” so what kinda adventure got u that? eh?” and ” wow” was the only thing he uttered when i sheepishly replied ” walking”
the last straw was when one of my old friends called out to me, from behind in a mall and said…” i thought i knew that walk and yes.. its u…” i gave her a confused look and explained..” actually i hurt my foot and thats why i’m limping”….. she stepped back a step… looked at my feet and replied in a very sober and serious manner ” No.. thats the way u always walk”….. 😦


5 thoughts on “what an experience….

  1. […] remember the last time (check this) when I managed to displace the toe and then also lost my voice screaming while the doctor, strike […]


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey,Did you get my previous post?Call me sometime..have lost all my numbers since I lost my cell . :D- Keshav


  3. Santosh says:

    Oh..i dint know you were so famous for your walk..Now it looks like i was not wrong when i complemented you for beeing a model ( sarcastically offcourse).


  4. Anonymous says:

    Langadi ghodi race me doudi …. guess who i am …


  5. Aurindam says:

    good one!!finally something humorous aftr all those tragic n sad posts.esp i liked the “limping camel in quicksand” part… altho i havnt actually seen one but aftr seeing u i can vizualize (aftr a 10 fold magnification) how it wud luk like ;)m waiting 4 more of such humorous stuff!!.


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