me back.. i guess i did tell u guys that i displaced my toe bone and was on bed rest.. well my leaves got over and i started work.. i landed in office on the monday of this week.. and fought my way through the day answering queries and stares abt my pathetic li’l toe 😉 suprisingly enough after two whole weeks of no work the day didn’t seem long or hectic.. i enjoyed being back in action after sleeping and sulking through the last two weeks. The week kinda flew by more so cause we’ve a long weekend ahead…phew… it feels good to have a weekend after a very tiring week. although the work pressure wasn’t too much but it was bad enough for me since i was limping around or just staying put at one place cause of my foot 😦
i recently happened to read the blogs by few of my acquaintances..( mind u not friends ;)) and there was this one which caught my attention… this person .. lets call this person G.. so G went on to write how 2007 was truly amazing for G, how G waited for a scholarship abroad while all the others got into some tom dick and harry companies.. how G found the love of G’s life and what an amazing time G was having abroad… well….
after i finished reading it i was just trying to imagine if i tried to write on the same lines.. how would my blog go…
” 2007 started off badly… with two of my closest ppl getting hurt… while many of my friends waited for their scholarships abroad i got into a tom dick and harry company…… while everybody was setting goals and starting to work towards it.. i was too lost and confused … i lost friends cause they’re too fat headed to realise their mistakes and make amends…. i got hurt repeatedly cause everybody else moved on but.. i couldn’t!!!!”
gosh. that was pretty lame.. anyways u get the picture right.. i didn’t have such a great year.. but my horoscope says it was destined 😉 so its ok… next year is my lucky year hehehe!!!
anyways wish u all a very happy weekend.. have loads of fun… those going out.. take care and enjoy loads… me would be stuck to my bed cause of my broken foot 🙂 miss me till my next post


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