a silent promise

rewind <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< to four years back when i first entered coll… as i was going through a few memories.. like my journals… cards.. chits which we used to pass in class.. slam books… diaries….. i realised we all were kids back then… oh no not physically… that way we all were .. what u would term adults…. fresh out of our teens.. just crossed over to the other side..or still going strong on our last teen and so very eager to cross over….
but mentally i’m sure most of us were kids… a time zone where we believed in things like friendship bands and shooting stars…things like bunking classes.. first shows of movies…. stolen glances…. first crushes…. those walks.. talks abt all kinda nonsense…. ice creams…then be arguing over which colour is in or fighting over the tiniest bit of chocolate…. we enjoyed everything…i remember those days when gettig wet in the rains or irritating lecturers used to be an adventure… when watching prohibited stuff and breaking rules was being rebellious….. when we swore on our friendships and promised to stick by thro thick and thin.. when we actually thought we could do anything to keep friendships….
over the four years at coll i saw a lot of changes.. in just not the building around but in the attitudes of ppl… changes in not only their outward appearances but also deep within their hearts…. their thinking….i don’t claim that i haven’t changed… i too have changed.. i’m not sure for the good or bad but i did change….
of course old habits die hard.. i sill trust ppl the first time i meet them.. i stil feel everybody’s sweet… and i still believe… feelings are to be expressed.

and now as we all are abt to step into an entire new world.. it kinda scares me…. will i still be able to maintain my friendships??? will i actually have the time to call up or mail my friends??? when i have new friends… will i forget my old ones???? when will i be able to meet them again????? god!!! lotsa questions.. no answers…. everybody says they’ll stay in touch and i tend to believe everybody does make an honest attempt to do so… but if life was that easy… we might not have been alive….:)
i’m not sure whether i’ll still be close to all those to whom i was close throughout the four years… but i’m sure of one thing… i’m gonna give it my best shot….
hope u all do try ur best to live up to ur friendships and other relations too… old or new…. trust me it pays..imagine a hectic day in ur professional life.. when u return home late.. all alone… all tired .. and u have a msg waiting for u on ur answering machine from a very old and good friend whom u’d lost all touch with…. imagine the sheer joy when u take a moment out of ur busy life schedules to just lean back into a chair and think abt the time spent with ur friends…
trust me guys… that one thing will be more relaxing than anything else…
so just promise to urself that u all will do ur best to keep in touch…


One thought on “a silent promise

  1. Anonymous says:

    I Promise!!!!:-)but can u guess who i m????;-)


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