dead end!!!

have u ever sat by the window on a rainy day …felt those tiny specks of water on ur arm and still felt as numb as under anasthesia??? have u ever listened to the birds chirp in the evening twilight but still not heard a sound???? have u ever thought of ur dearest one and felt a pain so sharp in ur heart that it would literally tear it apart??? have u ever felt like u ‘re dead…. but still heard ur own breathing???? have u felt ur blood gush through ur veins and not felt the pain when it came out????
its difficult but not impossible to imagine all this .. cause everybody goes through all this some time or the other… and the ones who somehow manage to gather all the foul luck available around.. go through it twice… in…. a very short time…..
the soul’s not into it anymore… things are diff…. its hard holdng on….it might sound weak… totally disgusting but… ending life seems to be the only way out at such times…. no of course not..nobody kills thmselves… they just like to think and ponder over it…..
but life goes on…. has to.. cause its just not ours to control or possess… its always somebody else’s…life’s not easy…. just doesn’t work out!!!!


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