lazy ppl

well its so strange and frustrating…. i mean i told so many of my friends abt my blog… some dumb ones asked ” ya so????” some were sweet enough to visit… after visting few of those some ran off to make their own blog and the rest said..” good!!!” and then closed the window….:(:(
thats really frustrating…. guys u’re suppposed to make atleast a small comment… or write big stories…


2 thoughts on “lazy ppl

  1. Puru says:

    Hey Sayantika!Few things1. Nice posts. I appreciate that you are taking time of your schedule and web logging.2. Awwww… Heading of your blog says “Sinetheta”, Second post narrates us the story of it and Aurindam and Mishra bhai says that they prefer calling you by name “Sayantika” , then why are you still posting with screen name of “Esha”?3. You deleted few comments. First of all its quite unethical to do this unless comments are abusive and then you expect people to keep commenting. Isnt it contradicitng?Anyways keep blogging!


  2. Aurindam says:

    seems i m d only 1 who wastes his time readin ur posts!! now donn reply sayin … ” ya so????” but smhow i wanna b knon as d laziest animal on this planet, so…bye bye


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