nearing the end

its a weird kinda feeling… i mean coll life coming to an end… for the last four years every day we used to grumble abt this and crib abt that… wishing we could just finish it all quickly and leave for home…but today as we have just one more month to go… its all feeling so weird. knowing that most probably we won’t be meeting our friends ever again… but then again as somebody said ” duniya bahut chhoti hain.. aur zindagi kaafi lambi” so just keeping our fingers crossed that we do meet up someday somewhere…..
and now that i think of it… yes it is quite possible that we meet our friends from college somewhere or the other… i mean we would have jobs in and around the same companies… or same place.. so even if we really don’t have enough time to sit and talk.. we’ll atleast be able to see a familiar face around the corner once in a while….
i met my friends from back in school… thats like… from ten years ago… and it was a great experience.. recounting all the stupid and idiotic things we used to do… it was def fun… the best part, we all connected in such a great manner even after a gap of ten years….
so maybe this parting thingie isn’t that bad… but what if it takes u away from that someone special whom u’ve met just four months ago.. i mean do u thank god that atleast u gotta meet him?? or do u blame him for making u two meet only in the last four months of four years of coll life??? well i guess i’m just grateful that we did meet…
it is really strange … i mean coll life does play a big role in one’s life… i don’t mean just entering as a dumb teenager and going out with a flashy degree…. i mean the way ur life changes…. i still remember coming to coll without even knowing how to wash my clothes or take a bus to a certain spot… and now here i am living by myself.. cooking my own meals… and roaming the entire city on a bus…..
the last few days in coll also make to think abt all the stuff u’ve done around.. the good ones the bad ones… i really think its a perfect time to think abt all those and right some of the wrongs…. i did… i patched up with ppl i’d fallen out of touch due to differences in opinions and stuff…. ya it was difficult but knowing that they’d otherwise leave with a grudge against me made it easy…. hostel life rocks man…. those late night gossips.. those maggi making sessions.. washing clothes… running around in the corridors… getting scolded by the warden… bitching abt the warden.. the management.. abt everything in general…. it sure was fun….
and now it all comes to an end… gosh.. i do feel so low at times… but i guess it’ll be ok.. after all when i left home for coll i felt the same way…
anyways it had to happen someday… just hoping that i can keep in touch with all my friends…


One thought on “nearing the end

  1. Aurindam says:

    ya….even i m feelin the same way these days. i juss donn wanna think abt it!!and my latest post also deals with the same topic.


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