blah blah blah

one of my friends wrote a entry about… not talking much and how he totally dislikes ppl who talk talk and go on talking until someone literally gags them…. he says ” The only successful substitute for brains is silence” well dear buddy , what if u do have brains???? i guess then talking is the only way to prove it right??? well thats why i talk … i’m very sure u were not talking abt me when u said that some ppl just go on talking…
ya i know i talk a lot.. but whats the big deal abt it anyways… if somebody doesn’t really like listening when i talk he can just
a) say so
b) walk away… or if he doesn’t have the guts to this…
c) avoid me in future
d) simply chop off ur ears!!!!
the problem with me is i come in contact with ppl who rarely talk( or maybe i subconsiously choose such pl so that they can listen to me)… whatever it is, i hate standing or sitting with another human being without talking… i believe if u’re planning to make a friend out of the person… u should start by talking and knowing abt him… and if u have no such intention but have loads of time to kill… u might as well blabber on to entertain urself… if its a gal… she’ll most probably start talking too… if its a guy… well then most probably he won’t … and he also won’t have the guts to walk away… so… no problemo!!!!! keep talking…. and for somebody like me… who’s so self obsessed… i think it really boosts the ego to listen to one’s own sweet voice talking anything….
four years of coll life… ( three and a half to be very precise) taught me one thing…( actually it really taught me a lot of things…) so one among the many things … was the fact that the coll is filled with ppl…. and u’re a just one among them… and if u have to be taken notice of… or be known to all…. or if u just have to make ur presence felt.. either u do something big…. like say top the college… or something crazy as jump off the building….. or just TALK!!!
maybe its not the best way to get noticed but it sure is the best way to make a lot of new friends….. everybody u meet isn’t really a willing talker… to make the other person talk or even take an interest in talking to u … u gotta start… and thats what i do… i talk… and trust me after three and a half years at coll… i’ve got loads of friends… and i’m really happy abt it…
so all the ppl out there who think talking is not a very good thing… well what can i say…. u haven’t got the brains so u substitute it with ur silence 😉


5 thoughts on “blah blah blah

  1. Puru says:

    Why do you want to get noticed?


  2. Aurindam says:

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  3. Aurindam says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  4. Aurindam says:

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  5. Aurindam says:

    Hmmm…Something tells me that this post is directed at me!!If it is so… plz go thru d last lines of each para of my post u r talkin abt n u’ll kno what i was tryin 2 say.the prob with ppl like u is the talk so much that they donn hav d time 2 listen 2 d other person n so they end up drawing wrong conclusions. which is d case here.(wink)


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