whats in a name

SINETHETA is basically the distorted version of my real name… thats the first blunder i did on entering my college… and well… it kinda stuck with me… what happened was …..
long long time ago( thats precisely three years and nine months ago) i entered my engg coll and did the mistake of telling everybody that i was called sinetheta !!!! it wasn’t that bad… ppl laughed a bit ( that surely broke the ice) and oh ya ppl still remembr me that way… i mean when i read throught my slam book almost every second entry starts that way…”.. the first time i heard abt u was when i came to know some gal called herself sinetheta …”
just abt two ppl in the entire year who gave their nick names and they stuck throughout.. well thats the whole “know-how” behind my name…..


2 thoughts on “whats in a name

  1. i do agree with aurindam … sayantika is the best … i like it when people call u sintheta or just theta .. but i don’t feel like calling u by that name … i think sayantika is one among the most beautiful name i’ve ever heard …. and i love calling u by that only …


  2. Aurindam says:

    hey i never called u SINETHETA in my life n i nvr will.n i nvr felt like givin u another nickname coz i felt that ur existin name sayantika is sweet enuff…..


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